Wireless Simming for Futaba, Spektrum on Phoenix Sim, Reflex, Realflight, Aerofly, FMS and other RC Flight Simulators. Works with Spektrum and Futaba


Can I use all 2.4 GHz transmitters and receivers such as Futaba and Spektrum, etc?

With our new product Simstick PRO, you can connect to almost ANY radio system. Please consult the compatibilty chart on the Home page.

What RC Flight Simulator do you reccomend?

Most of the current modern flight simulators are excellent. We particularly like the neXt flight simulator which runs quickly and

How do I find out whether Simstick will work with my current radio system and RC Flight Simulator.

Please view the compatibility list for information.

How do I connect my receiver to the SIMSTICK?

The Instructions section of this site contains basic instructions and help videos for detailed information on setting up your SIMSTICK.

How many channels does the SIMSTICK support?

The SIMSTICK PRO supports up to 7 channels. The simulator: Some simulators like neXt helicopter Sim seem to only recognise 4 channels and they take care of the throttle channel. It's very difficult for us to know exactly what each simulator will support. The receiver: This clearly is the biggest limiting factor and one that there is nothing we can do about. It's also quite common to see only 4 or 5 channels recognised on a 6 channel receiver. The lead: The sim lead you use does the PPM to USB conversion and is subject to it's own limitations.

I'm not sure how to "bind" my receiver to my Transmitter, how do I do this?

The bind process is specific to your manufacturer and also to the individual receivers, please follow the manufacturers instructions. If you have a spektrum receiver that plugs directly on the board please watch this video. With Simstick PRO you can in some case bind "On-Board" please consult the instructions.

Can I use any old receiver, even one with aerials that are missing?

If you have a spare receiver that you think still works but you don't trust it for your model, then try it on the SIMSTICK. We used an old battered ar6100e which had lost both aerials and it works with no problems!

How is it powered?

Through the USB port, it does not require a "powered" USB hub.

Can you use the Chinese Spektrum clones that are available?

Update: Simstick PRO should work with almost any receiver. First of all we do not condone the practice of chinese manufacturers doing straight fakes of Spektrum receivers. We have looked at most of the Spektrum DSM2 receivers available on the market including numerous clones that have been sent to us by customers. In reality it's a bit hit and miss but most of the time these will operate OK with Spektrum Simstick. However we have found a few that don't work at all. Also we have found many that don't hold their bind even if they look like they are working.

Should I use a USB extension lead to connect the SIMSTICK to my PC?

Because the existing simulator dongle lead has to be retained and connected to the SIMSTICK, it makes sense to use and extension lead to reduce the stress on the USB port both on the SIMSTICK and the PC. Cheap USB extension leads are available on the internet

Can I leave the SIMSTICK connected to my PC?

Yes! It functions just like any other USB connected device, so it will be ready for you use as and when you run you simulator program and switch on your transmitter.

Have I GOT to use a simulator LEAD that was supplied with my software?

Yes. The lead provides the PPM signal (transmitter) to USB (computer) conversion required. Simstick simply ensures that the signal received is acceptable.

What if I have a Simulator that does not ship with a lead, do you supply them?

No we do not supply leads. You must contact your Sim manufacturer and ask them where to obtain one. Simstick is not a USB device does not do what the lead is required to do, i.e. the PPM to USB conversion.

Can I plug the Dongle in the wrong way?

No, it will only connect one way.

Will it work with RealFlight?

Actually YES you can use your own TX and RX with Simstick to make a wireless connection. However you need an additional Futaba square pin to 3.5mm jack lead that is supplied by RealFlight. You also need to bear in mind that you still need the original controller as it does all the software copy protection for RealFlight. If you are planning to use Simstick with RealFlight please see the Realflight pageÖ

Can I use the SIMSTICK on any pc that is running the simulator software?

Yes, however, you will need to re-calibrate and go through the set up process, but you will only need to do this once. This means that if you want to run the simulator on your desktop PC and on your Laptop PC you can do so by simply moving the SIMSTICK to the other device.

Will the SIMSTICK work on a MAC?

As long as your simulator runs on the MAC, then the SIMSTICK should function fine

Do I have to have the simulator program running first?

It doesn't matter if you plug the SIMSTICK in first and then run the program of visa versa.

Do you offer warranty for the SIMSTICK

Provided that you have followed the instructions, then the SIMSTICK is covered by a 1 year Warranty from the original date of purchase.

Do you test the SIMSTICK before it is sent out to me?

Yes. Every SIMSTICK is fully electronically tested before it is sent out. In addition we random SIMSTICKS by running them on a functioning simulator.

Are you planning to develop the SIMSTICK further?

UPDATE: Simstick PRO represents the culmination of 2 years testing and updates meaning it is the most complete and compatible wireless option. Yes we are constantly looking to add new makes of Simulators, receivers and transmitters. If you have tested with any equipment we have not listed please let us know.

Which S-Bus mode on the reciever do I use?

Please ensure you set your Futaba S-Bus receiver to "Normal Mode". Do not use the FAST mode or S-BUS 2.

Which Radio systems does Simstick PRO work with?

Simstick Pro works with virtually any Radio system on the market via the servo plug ports. In addition you can plug a Spektrum Satelite and also a Futaba S-Bus plug straight in!

Do you have any distributors in the United States

We ship direct to all countries in the world. Most people normally receive their Simstick in the USA within 2-8 days.

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