SIMSTICK PRO is the most complete RC Flight Simulator Wireless Solution available on the market ....nothing else comes close!

SIMSTICK PRO is a great looking USB interface device that will allow you to connect your TX to your PC without using the wires. Anytime you want to use your simulator, just turn on your transmitter and it will instantly connect.

Whether you are a RC helicopter or plane pilot, there are many advantages to practicing on an RC flight simulator. The only gripe most users have is connecting the lead to their PC; it gets under your feet, looks messy, and it's never there when you need it - so why not tidy it away?

Why use a receiver? Simstick comes with Futaba S-bus and Spektrum Satellites connection ports making it even easier!

SIMSTICK PRO will also work with all standard Radio systems and receivers including: Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, Walkera, Multiplex, Airtronics, Sanya, Multiplex, Graupner, etc. In fact it works with virtually any radio system!  With the supplied SimStick RX adapter loom any physical connection can be made easily.


**Check for full compatibility list.