Simstick Troubleshooting Information

FIRST OF ALL: Please check that your sim lead actually works plugged in directly without simstick!!
  • You have bound the receiver correctly but the light does not when plugged into SIMSTICK.
    • Make sure that the simulator dongle is plugged in correctly.
    • Is SIMSTICK plugged into your computer USB port?
    • Remember the battery terminals have to overhang the block where the arrow shows.
  • You can connect the receiver but it does not show up in Phoenix
    • Check that you can connect using just your sim lead (disconnect SIMSTICK and plug your sim lead straight in).
      If this works then contact us.
  • I can connect and fly the simulator but the controls don't work properly
    • You need to ensure you have followed the calibration and Re-assign the channels in the your simulator.
      Got to: Step6: in the INSTRUCTIONS page.
  • General things to look out for
    • Make sure the rx is plugged into the simstick correctly
    • Are you using a supported tx/rx?
    • Make sure your transmitter is switched on
    • Is the receiver showing a steady “light” indicating that is is communication with the transmitter
    • If no steady light – re-bind the rx to the tx and try again.
    • Note: We will add more information to this page to help fix issues should they arise.
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